The only thing in life that is certain is change.

So yes we've run a sports and fight kit manufacturing business since 2012 but something is always certain in the world of small business and that is change.

So without further ado, we welcome you to

Our mission at Edinberry is to bring everyone true botanical flavours and awesome gin tasting experiences.

Our latest innovation is a gin pimping kit. We often turned to a glass of gin or 2 throughout the whole process of manufacturing and sorting out sportswear patterns, boxing gloves or styling pastes.
We wanted a real botanical kick. So we started adding our own botanicals to gin and making our own infusions. Of course after plenty of dinner parties and family get-togethers, family members suggesting we let everyone experience the true botanical Edinberry experience we thought packaging up our hand selected botanicals for you to make your own, was the perfect idea so we did. And that's why you're reading this. Because we've changed.
The only thing in life that is certain is change.
February 12, 2018 by Georgia Goodall

Cahoonas technical features

Cahoonas innovation studio
We pay attention to every little detail. We source fabrics from little British fabric mills in Nottingham to make our British Patented Cahoonas 75Trunk, as well as plenty of our other garments. We believe if you put the good in, you'll get the good out.
More than just a simple fibre, Meryl® Actisystem™ has a number of performance-enhancing properties:
  • it lets you breath
  • its built-in UV protection helps guard against the harsh sun
  • it is an extremely lightweight and durable fabric designed for quick drying and exceptional comfort during any athletic activity
  • tests demonstrate that Meryl®Actisystem is resistant to abrasions and pilling
  • it is machine washable, dries three times faster than cotton and requires little or no ironing
  • vibrant colour and softness wash, after wash, after wash
Innovation is our passion, sportswear innovations by cahoonas

    Improving sports kit, one piece at a time. We bring our passion for innovation to your kit.Comfort and performance. Cahoonas 75 trunk DETAILS
    • It's a little known fact that 75% of men hang to the left; the rest hang to the right.  

    • The result is the Cahoonas 75 Trunk - a supremium, ergonomic garment specifically tailored for whichever way you dress.  

    • Made in Britain using ultra-soft, British microfibre, a high-performance fabric that acts like a lightweight second skin

    • with superior moisture-management properties, our trunk will keep you dry, snug and full of swagger.   

    • Our Cahoonas 75 trunk has been featured in: Curve NY, Deadline, Menswear insight, Sunday Mail,

    • the Sunday Herald, and the Edinburgh Evening News. 

    Made in Britain, British Manufacturing & British Fabrics. Cahoonas

    The Cahoonas 75 trunk is also a sports underwear garment designed to be used as a base layer for training.
    The benefit of microfibre is that it exerts an equal level of compression to the upper thighs and buttocks while improving blood flow and enhancing lymphatic drainage.
    • Made in Britain by properly-paid, skilled machinists

    • Enhanced fit and performance characteristics including four-way stretch and fully breathable fabric 

    • Inherent temperature-regulating qualities in both hot and cold conditions. For instance, in the cold, microfibre will help keep your muscles warm. Conversely, in the heat, microfibre will wick moisture away from your skin to cool you down 

    • Flock thread throughout for a softer on-the-skin feel

    • Includes our quintessential lovers and fighters logo 

    • What it doesn't include: guilt

    swift fists boxing gloves
     Garment Testing
    We've road tested our garments in all kinds of places and in all situations. We've jogged, sprinted, fought, cycled, climbed and back-flipped them through their paces and comfort-tested them on trains, planes and automobiles and in offices, gyms and boxing rings both here in the UK and more tropical climates. In fact, we have a Cahoonas-tester travelling through Cambodia right now because obviously trekking through jungles, scaling temples and busting moves on boat parties are the perfect testing parameters.
    If you don't believe us, here's our Cahoonas 75 Trunk being put through its paces:



     Key Features

    February 08, 2018 by Simon Phillips

    Cahoonas banter and chatter

    Our Chatter at Cahoonas 
    British World First, Patent Granted.
    Manufactured right here in the UK along with our British spun Microfibre.
    Designed for an improved ergonomic sport fit. So you can concentrate on your game instead of anything else. Simple. Recommended by multiple golf players, cyclists, boxers and other professional sportsmen.
    It took three years and plenty of design, effort, trials and feedback for us to get to this point. We can now proudly proclaim to have made the biggest single change to male underwear since the 1930s.
    Our journey to improve male comfort is well and truly on the way. Patent granted, Hoorah!
    Cahoonas feature in MODH Textiles Scotland

    The perfect gift for any man our Cahoonas 75 Trunk in Royal Stewart Tartan is the world's only dress specific underwear with a published British patent on the planet.

    We believe in Innovation for improved ergonomic fit. As approved by multiple professional sportsmen and also a fair few women though they seem to enjoy unwrapping them over and over again.

    Check us out here:

    The Edinburgh Evening News
    Entrepreneur bid to revolutionise male underpants

    Georgia Goodall and Simon Phillips with some of their products. Picture: Ian Georgeson


    Published on 14/05/2013 12:00

    Scotsmen may be renowned for wearing nothing under their kilts, but an Edinburgh entrepreneur is hoping to make the country a world leader in male underwear thanks to his revolutionary new design.

    Simon Phillips is aiming to do for men what award-winning Scottish bra-designer Michelle Mone did for women by creating supportive undergarments that are designed to adapt to different body shapes.

    The designer said he was inspired to come up with his Cahoonas brand after realising that the basic patterns of male underwear had not changed since the early 20th century when first boxer shorts and then the Y-front became the most popular designs.

    “I felt men were being bypassed by all the design changes that had benefitted women’s underwear in terms of fabrics, curve stitching and so on,” he said. “Then when I found out that 75 per cent of men dress to the left and 25 per cent to the right and I realised no underwear designers were taking that into consideration I knew something had to be done.”

    After spending a year and a half working with experts from the textile department of Heriot-Watt University, Mr Phillips came up with the design he hopes will launch a new era of male underwear comfort by offering customers the chance to buy left or right fitting pants.

    The Cahoonas’ style incorporates a supportive “S pocket” which the makers say adapts to physical differences for a more “ergonomic, comfortable fit”.

    Mr Phillips and his wife, Georgia Goodall, used crowd-sourcing – where people can make online financial pledges to support fledgling projects – to raise more than £5000-worth of pre-orders.

    Ms Goodall, who has a background in marketing, said research showed that most male underwear is actually purchased by women on men’s behalf. The company hopes to teach women about the importance to men of the right fit.

    Mr Phillips revealed the company is also working on a range of seam-free, supportive sports underwear. He said one design is currently being trialled by a Hibs player, but refused to divulge who.

    The first batch of Cahoonas arrived in their office this week and will be shipped out to pre-ordering customers immediately. New customers will be able to buy the £27 pants online once those initial orders have been fulfilled.

    Ms Goodall said: “There’s already a lot of great textile and fashion design in Scotland. We want to open a factory in the area. It’s important to us that our products are made in Britain.”

    The couple have 11-year-old twins who are a bit embarrassed their dad makes pants. But they hope Cahoonas will become a design classic that the youngsters will grow up to be proud of.


    Evening News fashion writer Lynne McCrossan said she believed there could be a major market for a new style of men’s underwear, and that left and right style pants could prove popular.

    She said: “I am shocked such things don’t exist already, but I think it’s genius. Apart from the comfort issues for men, from a fashion aspect it could also help smooth out unsightly underwear bulges beneath the trousers.

    “Previously the only real fashion trend in men’s underwear was the high-end brands designed for the label to be seen over the trousers, but that was very much about the 1990s designer label trend. If they market it to men in terms of sports and practicality first I think it could really fly.

    The Herald
    In with the in crowd

    Judith Duffy looks at the phenomenon of crowd funding

    IT was once a case of hoping for a sympathetic bank manager to back the next big idea.

    Now everyone from scientists to artists is turning to crowdfunding – appealing on the internet for ordinary people to back their dream project with cash.

    One of the world's largest crowdfunding websites launched in the UK just six months ago. In Scotland, 32 projects have so far raised nearly £700,000 on Kickstarter.

    Two-thirds of Scottish projects reached their fundraising target, better than the 45% overall rate.

    On Kickstarter people give money to a project they like in return for a reward, such as a T-shirt or a name in the credits of a project. Other crowdfunding types include individuals lending money, with the aim of getting the money back plus interest, or buying shares in a business.

    Tim Wright, director of social media research firm Twintangibles, said crowdfunding was "taking off" in the UK, thanks to factors such as a lack of funding from the banks and greater access to technology.

    Scotland's first equity crowdfunding website – which offers shares in return for investment in companies – will be launched next month.

    Jude Cook, founder of, said: "Instead of getting one big investor investing £200k, why not get 200 people investing £1000 or 2000 people investing £100?"

    Here we look at some of the Scottish projects that have used Kickstarter.



    When Edinburgh-based designer Simon Phillips, 41, tried to get banks and grants to back his idea for a new "ergonomic" design of men's underwear, he found no-one could understand why there would be any demand for it.

    But his project for British-manufactured male underwear attracted nearly 100 crowdsourcing backers in 30 days and raised more than £5000, which will enable him to put the design into production.

    Phillips said: "We started on this mission in 2010 and it was a case of looking at why no-one had changed male underpants since 1920.

    "Female underwear has come on leaps and bounds in the 21st century. Michelle Mone realised women have got lots and lots of different shapes going on and she created her brand. I thought it was about time someone did something like that for gents."

    Phillips said he did not expect such a positive response to his Cahoonas underwear project.

    "We sold £5000 worth of pre-orders in 30 days. I am still in shock, it was totally amazing," he said.

    "You are basically opening yourself up to people and straight away you get the impetus of whether is it a good idea or is it not a good idea."

    Phillips added: "It says to the banks, 'This is the 21st century and people are using the internet. We can back the companies that we think are good enough and we can put our money where our mouths are.'

    "British industry and industry in general can only benefit from this – if the banks don't want to lend money, we don't need banks any more."

    TARGET: £5000

    RAISED: £5182 achieved May 3

    Rewards offered: Thank you tweet for £1 to tailor-made underwear for £5000 or more.


    SO you have a great idea but no money to make it happen – can turning to the internet really provide the answer?

    Rewards-based websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and BloomVC can work well for specific projects, while a business which is already up and running could opt for loan-based crowdfunding through sites such as Zopa and Funding Circle, instead of going to a bank. There is also equity-based crowdfunding, where investors buy a small share in a business in the hope of it seeing it grow in value, with Crowdcube and Seedrs some of the biggest names in the UK for this type.

    Websites may charge for listing the project or a fee when a project is successful. Most work on an "all or nothing" basis, where the project only receives funding if the target is reached within a certain time.

    Julia Groves, chairwoman of the UK Crowdfunding Association, said: "It is not an exact science, but having something like 20% of the funds you are trying to raise effectively pledged in advance is a really good way to go to market."

    Groves said the average amount raised was £150,000 and the average investment between £2000 and £2500.

    She added: "If you don't raise your money, you have to think, was that a bad pitch or was it just a bad project? It is like a little test bed of customers.

    "You raise your money at the same time as raising awareness of what you are doing. And if it is successful, you have this band of advocates who are massively keen for your project to succeed. "

    The Financial Conduct Authority cautions that investors should understand the business or project and not invest money they are not prepared to lose, as most start-up businesses fail.

    Sunday Mail
    The Scotsman
    Can’t wait for the latest gadgets? Try ‘pretailing’

    Published on 06/05/2013 00:00

    IT WAS once enough for even the keenest trendsetters to get their hands on something the minute it hit the shops.

    But now snapping up a product as soon as it is on sale is considered too late, as more people turn to “pretailing” – the art of getting in on newproducts before they are officially launched.

    Crowd-funding ventures, such as Kickstarter or, give those in the know the chance to cash in on new products well in advance of the release date, according to a report by

    The report claimed crowd funding has become a way for people to access new products early by becoming investors in an innovation.

    “Consumers indulging in ‘pretail’ are driven by the thrill of being early, mixed with the thrill of finding an exciting or useful product, especially if it’s something quirky or so niche that it would have never made it down a traditional brand’s production line,” said the report.

    Pretailers looking to find the latest inventions and designs invest usually small amounts of money on crowd-funding websites in a new business venture that catches their eye – often giving them exclusive access to the product as a trial or prototype.

    However, if a new brand does not reach its target funding, the money is automatically returned to the investors it did attract and the project is deemed a failure. Crowd funding has become big business in recent months – growing 81 per cent to $2.7bn (£1.73bn) in 2012, according to the latest industry report published last week by Massolution.

    Some sites, such as, have branched out into directly selling goods that have been successfully funded.

    Scottish firm Cahoonas, a men’s underwear brand aimed a creating a tailor-made fit available in a “left” and “right”, as well as a waist size, this week raised more than £5,000 on Kickstarter – from investors from as far away as Switzerland and the US.

    A total of 78 people – more than three-quarters of the company’s Kickstarter backers – have bought “pledges” which include one free pair or more of underwear – an early way to get hold of the product. Other “pledges” – which do not include a free sample of the product – have not proved to be as popular.

    Simon Phillips, the entrepreneur behind Cahoonas, said: “I’ve never heard it called pretailing before, but it makes a lot of sense.

    “The people who have invested in my product are from all of the world and the vast majority of them, I have no idea who they are. But they want to get their hands on the product first. I’m shipping pants to as far away as Australia, to people who have invested from there.”

    Mr Phillips himself has used Kickstarter to back other products in order to access them first.

    “I’ve backed a few other projects on Kickstarter – and that is exactly the reason I’ve done it – to get hold of the product first,” said Mr Philips.

    Cahoonas in the media
    February 08, 2018 by Georgia Goodall

    Cahoonas Promo's

    Welcome to the cahoonas promotion page.
    We've just launched our new range of FIGHTFIXER sparring gloves
    FightFixer sparring gloves
    February 08, 2018 by Georgia Goodall

    Luxury Boxing kit designed by Cahoonas

    Remember to switch off their lights, 

    before you leave the ring. 

    After a year of research and development we finally launched our FightFixer sparring gloves.  Designed with the help of professional boxers, you won't find any other gloves like this on the market.

    Respect Fightfixer Boxing gloves poster Lace up Sparring gloves made with 100% breathable, cow hide leather, FightFixer comes in white for improved sparring visibility.  

    Technical innovation: 
    Improved visibility means Improved reaction time which in turn improves ability to respond to a punch:

    Result you win more Fights.

    How so? Well, scientific tests show that your peripheral vision isn't suited to viewing colour (the colour receptor cones in your eyes can't detect colours efficiently).  However, with our white and black design, detection is faster (and easier on your eye) for improved sparring.

    Professional boxing gloves We've also avoided stitching labels on the outside of our gloves. Why? Labels stitched on the outside of gloves create a raised surface edge that can cut your sparring partner from a glancing blow. So what else can you expect? FightFixer sparring gloves have a 3 layer energy dissipation system:

    Layer 1 Respect
    A dense outer impact foam layer delivers the respect you deserve.
    They’ll know they’ve been hit and they’ll feel how hard they’ve been hit.

    Layer 2 Power
    Advanced energy dissipation foam layer maintains punch force, while avoiding
    concentrating impact damage.

    Layer 3 Protect
    Multidensity fist protection foam layer, increases energy dissipation and protects fist.

    Not only that but these new gloves look the bomb and are part of our new FightFixer combat range - a superior range of boxing and MMA fight equipment and kit.

    Boxing Face protection

     MMA Glove Design Process

    MMa glove product design illustrations

    We are constantly innovating and looking to evolve and improve sporting equipment. We put our passion into your sport. We talk to the sportsmen and women who compete and train everyday. We design our kit with the feedback of top British and World champions, athletes at the pinnacle of their game. We listen and we ask lots of questions, then we design out the flaws of traditional sportswear and kit .

    We make the difference.

    Development sheets for MMA gloves

    MMa gloves

    Train hard, fight easy: we've all heard that one before but training can only take you so far. Technique and performance kit are just as important in the world of all sports. The right sort of protection during training sessions means you'll still be fighting fit when it comes to the big fight and that's what we believe here at Cahoonas. Which is why, with the help of professional fighters, we're continually developing the FightFixer advanced and pro-fighter range. So, if you love a good fight as much as we do, the chances are you’re probably training or are familiar with one or more of the following fighting styles:

    Boxing: amateur or professional

    Mixed Martial Arts (Freestyle Fighting)



    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 



    Krav Maga

    Kung Fu



    Muay Thai



    Sanda Indochinese Kickboxing

    Muay Thai

    Muay Lao






    We aim to provide technical fight kit to help you reach your peak potential and to protect you from the impact and rigours of fight training. Our range has been developed slowly and surely with the help of real fight professionals in order to meet the exacting standards and specifications needed to excel in the world of combat sports.

    Punchers gloves



    February 08, 2018 by Georgia Goodall

    Tattoo aftercare by cahoonas

    Tattooed woman and fists

    A rejuvenating & regenerating, antibacterial soothing lotion. Aftercare for tattooed skin.

    Harnessing the mythical healing powers of frankincense & vitamin E

    After a few hours a new tattoo will stop weeping. Air will facilitate the healing process. At this point you can gently wash your new tattoo with a plain, unscented anti-bacterial wash, using lukewarm water. Beware a fresh tattoo will be sensitive to the touch, don’t scrub. Pat dry. Do not pick any scabs. It is important to keep your fresh tattoo clean.
    Using tattoo will prevent your tattoo drying out & onwards maintain the colour and lustre of your body artwork. Made using natural ingredients.
    February 08, 2018 by Georgia Goodall

    Cahoonas Edinburgh factory

    Our innovation workshop in Edinburgh

    We like to call it our innovation workshop and having our own means we can design, prototype and manufacture Cahoonas products to our own exacting standards right here in the heart of Edinburgh.
    Our innovation workshop in Edinburgh and British design patent
    We take great pride in what we do and believe this shines through when you buy our swag
    You will notice we go the extra mile sourcing the best British materials too.
    We use drum spun microfibre made in Nottingham at Rainbow Jersey
    We also use warp knitted microfibre made by Simplex in Nottingham
    We have our labels made in Lancashire
    All in all we're a great little British company.
    Our innovation workshop in Edinburgh
    Take a look at some of our photos >
    February 08, 2018 by Simon Phillips

    Cahoonas Gallery

    February 08, 2018 by Georgia Goodall

    British weigh in kit

    Weigh-in gear for fighters.

    Every fighter gets weighed before a major competition fight, to make sure they are bang on the money.
    What ever weight division you fight in, make sure you're already on top in the psychological warfare at your weigh in.
    Cahoonas produce luxury microfibre top tech spec base-layers for weigh-ins. As worn by many top professional boxers and MMA fighters. All our weigh-in Base layers are made right here in Britain by skilled folk working hard to make a great product just for you.
    Our baselayers are also worn in the ring by many fighters as they provide support and sweat wicking microfibre fabric technology. So If your going to get in the ring and fight, you'll be needing a proper pair of Cahoonas

    Josh Taylor Boxer, relaxes in his Cahoonas after winning another boxing title belt.

     As worn by Josh Taylor 

    February 08, 2018 by Georgia Goodall

    GWF Cahoonas

    Ladies Boxing kit by Cahoonas

    Ladies, want to look the bomb when you're landing them? 
    Now you can with some of our unique luxury women's boxing kit.

    Ladies boxing kit- weigh-in Booty

    Enjoy smashing someone in the face with our advanced pro fight fixer sparring gloves or try our British drum spun Microfibre ladies weigh-in clobber.

    Boxing relieves stress and burns calories super fast . Fighting builds real muscle and proper curves leaving you looking hot and sweaty. But no one's gonna complain because you'll put their lights out.

    Shop ladies fight kit


    ladies boxing kit by cahoonas 



    February 08, 2018 by Georgia Goodall