Designing MMA fight gloves

A look at the evolution of a pair of MMA fight gloves. From concept drawings to finished article and ready for the cage.

After plenty of conversations with fighters and analysis of technique, we saw the need for a glove that could quickly facilitate the formation of a fist for punching from the open hand position ready for grappling.

We noticed the padding on a lot of gloves actively restricts the ease of fist formation, this is something you need to be able to switch between in microseconds. And thus our vision was born.

Faster Fists our MMA glove lets you take down your opponent with a punch as quickly as you throw it, or grab and drop them to the canvas with a choke or a body lock. Either way our gloves are designed to Deliver the pain.


Product development sketches, initial illustrations alongside the completed designed MMA cage fight gloves.product development illustrations and designs of our MMA cage fighting glove.designs for development of a age fighting glove.Design sketches of a mixed martial art fight glove, particularly grappling and punching capabilities Mixed Martial Arts fight gloves. Fist.MMA fight gloves designed by Cahoonas

MMA grappling gloves designed in Edinburgh

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