Julian Shaw skates for Cahoonas

Simon Phillips

First up in our Lovers and Fighters gallery is Julian Shaw, a passionate skate boarder with real Cahoonas - you'll know what we mean when you see his stunts.  


We caught up with Julian the other day and popped him a few questions:

1) What's your greatest sporting achievement to date? 
Cricket Grand final win in 2010 - the 3 day celebrations were epic!

2) What will be your greatest sporting challenge this year?
Remaining injury-free. Film for an upcoming video part

3) Who or what got you hooked into your sport?
I've always been a big fan of all types of sport. Our dad had us playing from a very young age.

4) Who is your sporting hero?
I'd say Adam Gilchrist. He revolutionised the position of wicketkeeper/batsmen and did it with style!

5) 95% of all sportswear bought in the UK is imported. What is your opinion on that?
I'm not surprised. I suppose that's just capitalism. I would definitely rather see the consumer spend a little more money on local products because I think as a result we would start to see more locally owned and manufactured products appear throughout the market. Easy said than done though!

6) How do you relax and what's your poison of choice?
Jack on the rocks will do me! 

7) You're chopping wood, do you use a chainsaw or an axe?
Chainsaw, for sure.

8) How would you like to be remembered?
As a good bloke.

9) Haggis yes or no?
Hell yes.

10) Beards are back in fashion, do you ever imagine a bearded skater sporting the chin heather? Would you ever consider growing a chin sporran?
Beards are everywhere these days. Facial hair is not one of my strong points unfortunately! 

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