Kyle Traynor - Professional Rugby Player

Simon Phillips

It takes a real pair of Cahoonas to go head to head with professional rugby player Kyle Traynor who smashed his way through the Scottish ranks to represent his country at under-19 and under-21s. Kyle made his debut for Scotland in the crushing 23-10 victory over Fiji during the 2009 autumn internationals.

Playing as a prop Kyle enjoyed an excellent 2012/13 campaign, playing for Scotland versus Tonga plus twenty-one appearances for Bristol, firmly establishing himself right at the core of the first team line-up. 



1) What is your greatest sporting achievement to date? 

My first scotland cap.

2) What will be your greatest sporting challenge this year? 

Gaining promotion with Bristol Rugby.

3) What or who got you hooked into your sport? 

A friend from school took me along to mini rugby but senior school was when I got hooked.

4) Who is your sporting hero? 

My dad.

5) 95% of all sportswear bought in the UK is imported. What's your opinion on that?'s a shame there aren't more UK brands being bought, but I'm assuming Adidas and Nike dominate the market.

6) How do you relax and what's your poison of choice? 

On the golf course.

7) You're chopping wood, do you use a chainsaw or an axe? 


8) How would you like to be remembered? 

As a hard working life lover.

9) Haggis yes or no? 

Aye, love the stuff!

10) Beards are back in fashion, with players like SÉBASTIEN CHABAL sporting the chin heather, would you ever consider growing a chin sporran? 

Currently sporting my winter facial furniture. I'm very partial to a beard. 


11) Any comments on the Cahoonas 75 Trunk?

I like Cahoonas very much. I personally like quite a tight fit especially if wearing for sport. I always wear compression/cycling shorts under my kit for playing and training and would happily use Cahoonas as an an alternative to train in as they are very comfortable. I liked the material and they didn't ride up at all so there was no chafe or wedgy whilst training. 

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