Tasty Healthy and Filling Salad

Georgia Goodall

Munching on salad is healthy but doesn't feel like your really eating anything substantial that's because most salads miss the guts. 

Warm 2 tins of drained chickpeas in a dry pan not long you're just warming them as tinned chickpeas are already cooked. Meanwhile cut up 4 sun ripened tomatoes, stick them in the window and let the sun at them for a few days they taste great.  

( Rant: Don't keep tomatoes in the fridge they are a Mediterranean vegetable that grows on a vine - they are not from the artic.)

So chop your 4 tomatoes with a bunch of coriander and a bunch of mint then slam 2 hot chillies in- chillies activate brown fat, this is fat you were born with as a little baby, to keep you warm. It generates heat- BURNING CALORIES and you don't have to do anything just feel the heat in your mouth.

Pour the chickpeas out into a bowl and crumble a pack of feta cheese over the chickpeas. It will start to melt and coat the hot chickpeas in a silky salty cheese. Now quickly stir in your chopped tomatoes, mint, coriander and chillies. 

Squeeze 1 lemon and half a lime on the top and stir it through. Now grind some black pepper on top and serve while its still warm.

Enjoy a salad with guts, this is great with steak instead of chips.

Chickpea chilli and feta salad


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