Like a good curry? Feel stuffed on a healthy option

Georgia Goodall

Kedgeree its been about for years so nothing new here.

Get your rice for 4 people on the go, fling a teaspoon of turmeric in there and start boiling 4 eggs - you want them hard boiled. Now get your smoked haddock- these are normally yellow with a good smoking and really major on the taste front. So you'll find one fish goes a hell of a long way to filling out this meal.

Secret to warming/cooking the fish is put just enough water in a frying pan to simmer the fish about 2cm of water. Get the water boiling and then turn it down to simmer pop the fish in for 6-8 minutes only.  Now take it out and sit it to drain in a colander or just pop it on some kitchen roll.

At the same time, run the hardboiled eggs under a cold tap then peel them.

Chop 2 tomatoes and 1 red bell pepper with half a bunch of flat leaf parsley and half a bunch of coriander. Flake the fish into the rice and bung in your chopped herbs pepper and toms. Fold this lot together, chop the eggs into quarters and stir half in. Use the others to make it look nice by plonking them on top at the end just before serving.

And the best bit- half to a full teaspoon of curry powder just mix it in for that badboy curry edge.

Now grate the zest of a lime into some natural full fat yoghurt and squeeze the juice in, then fold it in and that's your tasty accompaniment to go with. Add a sprinkle of paprika powder on top of the yogi - it looks well smart.

This will last 2 days in a fridge so you don't have to eat it all at once.- great for packed lunches at work or a quick snack before hitting the gym or after when you can't be bothered to cook, or just while watching TV.



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