Georgia Goodall

Making pizza is pretty simple and satisfying 

half a big bowl of bread flour that's abou half a bag.

Mix in 1 sachet of instant yeast a pinch of salt and sugar. 

Pour on a big glut of olive oil about 1 tablespoon then mix it in.

this will go into lumps then break them up with your fingertips, like bread crumbs.

1 pint of Luke warm water 

kneed it all together then let it stand somewhere warm for 35 minutes

after that cut in half and kneed it into a ball, roll it out flat like a pizza base and let it stand for 15 minutes.

Partially bake it.

while you mix a couple of spoons of pesto into a tin of chopped tomatoes.

this is your sauce.

slop it all over the top of the pizza

bung whatever you want on top and finish it off for about 12 minutes 


Pizza doughRolled out pizza doughPizza with anchovies and olives

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