John Thain - Professional Boxer

Simon Phillips

John fights light middleweight and, with a track record like this, he's heading for the hall of legends. He's won all 11 of his professional fights. A devastating powerhouse of destruction with a serene and calm manner - you couldn't meet a more affable, pugilistic gentleman.  But, as those 11 fighters have learned, don't let John's polite exterior fool you into dropping your guard.




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We caught up with John a couple of days ago and popped him a few questions.


1) What is your greatest sporting achievement to date?

 I suppose as an amateur boxer it was great to represent my country as it took a long time for me to get to that level. Also, to become a professional and win my debut away from home is something I'm very proud of.


2) What will be your greatest sporting challenge this year?

I believe my next fight v Ronnie Heffron will be my greatest challenge so far. It's a 10 round fight and an eliminator for a title shot.  So it's a must win.


3) What or who got you hooked into your sport?

I became fascinated with the sport after watching the Rocky movies as a kid. So I watched or read anything to do with it. My friends said they were going to the gym and so I tagged along after begging my late dad! He didn't want me to do it at first!


4) Who is your sporting hero?

Sugar Ray Leonard, as a boxer he had it all. I think he'd be a champion in any era.


5) 95% of all sportswear bought in the UK is imported. What is your opinion on that?

It's quite a surprising figure but I think there is a gap for a UK brand to take over to bring that percentage down!


6) How do you relax and what's your poison of choice?

To be honest it's really about catching up with friends or family because training means spending most of my time away from them. When in training I watch TV to take my mind off it. My poison? The foods I'm not meant to eat when I'm training! Biscuits, chocolate, fast food, fry ups, ice-cream! So that's what I look forward to after a fight.


7) You're chopping wood, do you use a chainsaw or an axe? axe chops, a chainsaw cuts haha! Got to be an axe!


8) How would you like to be remembered?

To be honest I dont know but it would be nice just to be remembered!


9) Haggis yes or no?

Yes for haggis - a full on Scottish breakfast isn't complete without it!


10) Beards are back in fashion, do you ever imagine a bearded boxer sporting the chin heather, would you ever consider growing a chin sporran?

I've seen a few boxers with beards and a few have had them before. It can make a fighter look mean. If only I could grow one I probably would have one ha! 


11) How would you rate your own selection of Cahoonas garments?

I enjoy wearing the garments when training - really nice and light weight. Great to wear a British made garment. 

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