CAHOONAS – Our Story

Cahoonas is the brainchild of Edinburgh-based, menswear mavericks, Simon Phillips and Georgia Goodall. 

A few years ago, Simon stumbled upon the curious fact that 75% of men ‘dress’ to the left.  The rest ‘dress’ to the right or have no preference.  The pair researched the market to see if any garment existed that catered to these inherent differences in men.  When they found nothing, Simon set to work on creating an innovative pattern design on his kitchen table which they later prototyped with the help of #HeriotWatt University in #Galashiels.

They christened the garment the Cahoonas 75 Trunk and set to work on finding a network of #UK manufacturers and fabric producers.  The garment is made in #England using microfibre spun in #Nottingham.

In May 2013, they launched their patent-pending Cahoonas 75 Trunk on Kickstarter and now export the garment all over the world including #Canada, #Switzerland, #Turkey and #Australia.  They also have a distributor in #California. 

The key difference between Cahoonas and traditional male underwear is that it is the only garment in the whole world designed specifically for whichever direction a man dresses.  The result is a more comfortable, ergonomic fit.  The design has huge sporting advantages as you can apply compression to the thighs without compressing the groin and many elite sportsmen use our trunk as a sports base layer (as well as everyday underwear).

Simon and Georgia recently made it to the final of the Scottish Edge Fund Competition and won £30,000 in a pitching competition overseen by a panel of top businessmen and women including Lord Willie Haughey.  They are using the money to launch their own #manufacturing workshop in #Edinburgh #Scotland which will open in March 2014. 

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