Skyy Boii, Rapper (Edinburgh/London)

Simon Phillips

Skyy Boii, is an Edinburgh-based, Nigerian rapper delivering the lyrical bliss that's ripping up the Hip-Hop scene.


Skyy Boii the Edinburgh rapper with the big Cahoonas.Skyy Boii wears CahoonasSKYY BOII wears his #cahoonas on stage while delivering the lyrical bliss

Born in London, he spent his formative years in Nigeria absorbing the rich Nigerian rhythmic culture and verbal folklore with its natural, melodic rhythms. Returning to London and the UK at 12 years old Skyy Boii found the perfect outlet for his lyrical dexterity in the UK Hip-Hop and grime scene.  Known for his swagger, passion and energy, Skyy Boii has definitely got some Cahoonas. So we popped this rising star a few questions before his latest gig: 


1) What is your greatest musical achievement to date?

Opening for the game at the o2 ABC was probably my biggest achievement to date, but bigger and better things still to come.


2) What will be your greatest musical challenge this year?

Not too sure to be honest, any obstacle put in front of me, I overcome, so I don't think anything is too big a challenge.


3) What or who got you hooked into your sounds?

Just the people I grew up around and looked up to inspired my sound.


4) Who is your lyrical hero?

Its hard to choose just one, but there are a few like wretch 32, j cole, fabolous, big l, biggie and a few more.


5) Home grown, UK musical talent. What's your opinion on that?

I am 100 percent for it, thankfully the scene is now starting to grow, so we all gotta push it as a whole unit.


6) How do you relax and what's your poison of choice?

I usually relax by listening to music or watching movies.


7) You're chopping wood, do you use a chainsaw or an axe?

A chainsaw definitely, gets the job done quicker.

8) How would you like to be remembered?

As the rapper that put Scotland on the map.


9) Haggis yes or no?

Yes, but not too often.


10) Beards are back in fashion, do you ever imagine joining the bearded vocal artists sporting the chin heather, would you ever consider growing a chin sporran?

haha... yea definitely.








Skyy Boii's got Cahoonas





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