Cahoonas Fight Club

Cahoonas. British sportswear & underwear fight night

So we decided we'd get behind a few local fighters and make a night of it in the City Night Club, Edinburgh and what a fantastic selection of pugilistic talent. A bit of blood, lots of guts and the only KO of the night from our hero of the moment - Andy Noble, a professional football player, personal trainer and now champion boxer for team Cahoonas. The night started off with a few good fights and a few show rounds with mighty Willie Quin vs Bobby Collins of KO promotions.  We also saw our honorary Cahoonas girl, Chantelle, batter her opponent and the evening culminated in a bout of utter destruction from Andy Noble. A few drinks were consumed and lots of shouting.

Cahoonas. British sportswear & underwear ready to rumblebeauty and the beast ( he's not really he's a gentleman pugilist)it takes Blood, guts and Cahoonas. British sportswear & underwear

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