Andy Noble, professional Footballer, Boxer & personal trainer

It's the lord of the ring Andy Noble. We asked him a few questions straight after his TKO win at the Cahoonas boxing night, 'Capital Punishment' in Edinburgh Scotland hosted by KO promotions. Andy was the only fighter on the night to finish his bout with devastating efficiency in the first round with a TKO.

Also presently playing as a midfielder/striker for Hawick Royal Albert Football Club in the Scottish First division, earning 3 player of the match awards during his 26 games played and also scoring 6 goals. This guy is the alround sports man and he still finds time to be a personal trainer at Clovenstone boxing club Edinburgh. 

Cahoonas fighter Andy noble rolls with the punches.Cahoonas fighter Andy noble flutters like a butterfly and stings like a big bad beeCahoonas Champion fighter wins his boxing match with a devastating first round TKOThe winner at the KO Promotions capital punishment event is Cahoonas fighter Andy Noble.


1 A professional footballer a personal trainer and a champion boxer how does it feel to be the master of all you set your mind to?

1. It is a great feeling as it shows you that hard work and dedication pays off.

2) What is your greatest sporting achievement to date?

2. I would have to say playing in the Scottish Cup.

3) What will be your greatest sporting challenge this year?

3. It will be stepping back into the ring in front of hundreds of people again.

4) What or who got you hooked into your sport?

4. Firstly it was my Dad that got me hooked on football and secondly Craig McEwan got me hooked on the sport of boxing. He is such a gentleman and has amazing talent, therefore it made me want to try it.

5) Who is your sporting hero and why?

5. I do not have a sporting hero simply because there are far too many to look up to.

6) 95% of all sportswear bought in the UK is imported. What is your opinion on that?

6. I never thought about that until Cahoonas told me about all this. To be honest I think that is unacceptable. I think what you are doing is great.

7)  The Cahoonas 75trunk is British made sportswear and we already know you're a fan, but can you sum up in a few words why you like our Cahoonas 75 trunk so much?

7. The Cahoonas 75trunk are great all round. They are lightweight to train in and plus they make me look good. Even better that they are made in the UK.

8) How do you relax and what's your poison of choice?

8. To relax, I usually take my dog a long walk or spend time with my family. My poison is my chest night every week, but got to look forward to it.

9) You're chopping wood, do you use a chainsaw or an axe?

9. It would have to be an axe as i love the feeling of hardwork.

10) How would you like to be remembered?

10. I would like to be remembered as a person who had a lot of passion for helping others achieve their goals.

11) Haggis yes or no?

11. Haggis?? YES!! You cannot be Scottish without it.

12) Beards are back in fashion, as a close cropped bearded boxer you're one of the few sporting the chin heather, and we know you use Cahoonas chin sporran beard oil, so to just let all the other guys know: What you love about Cahoonas Chin sporran beard oil. 

12. It is amazing and i would be lost without it. It nourishes and conditions my beard. The essential oils that are in it, make it smell so nice and its great that it repels the midges. P.S I need more of it, haha.

13) the Ladies in the audience of the boxing arena gave you a huge reception as you entered the ring for your champion performance fight the other night & you've certainly got some admirers.  Do you think you'll get even more ladies wanting personal training now?

13. Yes my phone hasn't stopped going. All my female friends have spread the word about my training and they can all see that it works.


The ladies love him and you can see why. Cahoonas fighter Andy NobleAndy noble with his posse of ladies. He is the Cahoonas Swaggerking.Cahoonas sportswear in action, devastating action.Cahoonas Football player Andy Noble

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