We invest in people, because you get a better return

Simon Phillips

We've followed his rise through the good times and the bad, through the ups and the downs. We've helped with supplying the essential kit he needs and we keep his Cahoonas comfy. In a few days we'll feel the glow that makes us think YES investing in people is the way to go. If you have a passion for something you do, then followed  it, chase your dream.

It takes guts to step out of your comfort zone but when you do you'll never look back and if your one of the lucky ones then we'll supply you with Cahoonas too. Good luck in the commonwealth games Josh- We believe in you.


Cahoonas invest in people because you get a better return.


Joshtaylorboxer training in his Cahoonas lace up sparring gloves with Terry at Lochend Boxing clubJoshTaylor prestonpans Scottish boxer weighs in at meadowbank Edinburgh for his pro boxing  debutJoshTaylor boxer wins his debut professional boxing match at meadowbank Edinburgh ScotlandJoshtaylorboxer checking out his new Cahoonas 14oz lace up sparring gloves from our FightFixer rangeJosh Taylor undefeated Scottish Boxer weighs in to another professional boxing match wearing Cahoonas Royal Stewart tartan baselayers Josh Taylor boxer admires his Cahoonas 14oz lace up sparring glovesJosh Taylor undefeated Scottish boxer weighs in for his latest professional boxing match wearing Cahoonas Royal Stewart Microfibre baselayers Champion Josh Taylor ticking off the victory's Scotland's best undefeated boxer. A true champ.Josh Taylor boxer on weigh in day, ready to deliver the pain and continue on his road to success and glory

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