Kane Baker Boxer

Simon Phillips

Fighting out of the Queensbury Boxing League, Kane Baker leaves his mark and delivers the pain in his London bouts. We caught up with this all round top bloke and fired him our selection of Cahoonas banter questions.


1) What is your greatest sporting achievement to date? Probably fighting for the novice welterweight title! Unfortunately lost on a SD but I'm getting another shot in April!

2) What will be your greatest sporting challenge this year? Winning that title in April then going on to much bigger things.

3) What or who got you hooked into your sport? I'd say my dad as he put me into the sport at a young age, he's a ex-pro (welterweight) so boxing became a normal thing as I can't even remember the first time putting on a pair of gloves.

4) Who is your sporting hero? Got a few but if I had to pick one it'd be Thomas The Hitmam Hearns. 

5) 95% of all sportswear bought in the UK is imported. What is your opinion on that? UK need to step there game up and get crafting!! 

6) How do you relax and what's your poison of choice? Love a bit of Xbox one, FIFA and zombie games :) 

7) You're chopping wood, do you use a chainsaw or an axe? My bare hands, axes and chainsaws are for women. 

8) How would you like to be remembered? I'd love to be remembered as a talented fighter and all round good guy.

9) Haggis yes or no? Never tried it, I'd try some though! 

 10) Beards are back in fashion, would you ever consider growing a chin sporran? I've always wanted a massive beard with a curled moustache but it just won't grow long enough :( gonna get me some cahoonas beard oil ;) 

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