Josh Taylor makes his UK professional boxing debut in Edinburgh at Meadowbank arena

Josh Taylor, Prestonpans Boxer delivers the pain at his UK professional boxing debut.

We've seen him in the Olympics. We've seen him in the commonwealth games. Well for once Josh was on his home turf.

The crowd nearly took the roof off as Josh bounced into the ring, clearly ready for a rapid removal of his opponent and this is what we all know came to pass. 

What a night, Josh Taylor the Tartan Tornado spun into devastating action against his opponent the Bad Boy.

Little chance did the Bad Boy stand and that wasn't for long. 3 rounds of sheer pain and the Bad Boy was on his knees and the night was all sorted for Josh.

An awsome evening and awesome crowd, well done Josh here's one for Scotland let's keep our eyes firmly on Josh because he's on a rocket ship to the big time.

Josh Taylor Boxer ready to do the business

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