Britain Really is Great

Georgia Goodall


When it comes ergonomics, nobody really notices good design (unless it's exceptional in some kind of way) but they do notice bad design.  When you wear Cahoonas we're sure you'll forget you've even got them on.  That is, until your girlfriend catches you in them and gives you a smouldering, come-hither look.  

We've been on an amazing journey since starting Cahoonas and feel an enormous sense of pride to have created an innovative product that we believe will change male comfort forever.
On our journey we've visited countless British factories, analysed fabrics, produced multiple test samples, consulted with patent lawyers and had conversations and cups of tea with many incredible, inspiring people. It's heartening to know that Britain still has what it takes to turn innovative ideas into real products.  Manufacturing plays a vital role in the health of the British economy and by buying Cahoonas you directly support industry and keep many skilled and talented British people in jobs.  

Now that deserves a slap on the back.  






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