Our Journey. Cahoonas British underwear.

Georgia Goodall

People often ask us why we started making male underwear and why we even bother making it in Britain.  

Back in 2010 we were watching a break-dancing crew busting moves at the Meadows Festival in Edinburgh.  They were pure swagger until one of them dropped into a head spin revealing the worst underwear imaginable.  With a background in design and innovation, the spark was set in our minds to create something better.  

When we started our research we couldn't believe that 75% of men hang to the left and rest hang to the right.  We also couldn't understand why designers were still using the same old patterns and the same old fabrics.  So began a challenging journey in the creation of a new British brand.  It's not been easy, in fact, it's been a fight with research and development that has cost a bomb, legal challenges and a hard-to-find underground network of British manufacturers who you won't find with a Google search as they aren't on the internet.  It's not just about getting garments made, it's about finding the skilled British people that make the fabric itself. 

So why bother at all?  We think it matters that quality products are made in Britain.  We also don't mind a fight and a challenge.  To tell you the truth, it's been an exhilarating labour of love.  Here's 2010 to now compressed into video.  Run VT.  



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