Hoorah! Our Cahoonas Kickstarter Project is 100% Funded

Hoorah! Cahoonas British male underwear is 100% funded and #madeinbritain from Cahoonas Britain on Vimeo.

We know how fashion-savvy people love getting their hands on the very latest 'must haves' before everyone else so we decided to launch our ergonomic trunk exclusively on Kickstarter, a cloudfunding platform based in the States.  In just 30 days, 94 people from as far afield as the US, Canada, Australia and Switzerland pre-ordered our British made underwear helping us to exceed our Kickstarter target.  We are now in the process of fulfilling those orders with our British manufacturers.

The beauty of sites like Kickstarter is that consumers can bypass traditional shops and retailers to access the very latest gadgets and products - from British undercrackers and Ipod accessories to everything else besides - before they have even gone to market.  

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