Show us your Cahoonas

Simon of Cahoonas (wearing his own blue, denim,1999 vintage, 21st century kilt) with Howie Nicholsby and Frazer in the Thistle Street store of 21st Century Kilts as they flash their latest order of Cahoonas - Simon's Scottish innovation in male underwear.

Howie's aim is to give men throughout the world a realistic alternative to trousers. Pioneering the next step of its evolution, 21st Century Kilts is true to the original kilt which was once everyday clothing. Casual or formal, a kilt should be an option for any man from anywhere who can realise they are part of the history of an international garment.

Howie Nicholsby's 21st Century Kilts offer a unique take, and are a fitting homage, to a traditional Scottish style. The use of original textiles, ranging from leather, gold and purple denim, camouflage, to pinstripe offer something different to those fond of this age old item. 21st Century Kilts were borne in 1996 and launched in 1999 at London Men's Fashion Week.


Cahoonas Dance Tested Promo

Check out the kilt


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