Wow! How many new designs?

What have we been up to?


Well, we've been so busy getting our new pattern additions designed and cut for the Cahoonas range that we've pretty much ignored everything else. Hot off the machines we have six new cuts which we're testing for final tweaks. We're currently selecting fabrics and, colour-wise, black and white will be a standard for all our new designs (with maybe a few colours to spice it up - possibly even a tartan).  We'll be doing a survey soon to get your reaction.

Who's the Cahoonas of Cahoonas?

Once all our garment are ready then, of course, we'll need the 'Cahoonas of Cahoonas' .  We're looking for blokes to showcase our British designs and manufacturing - toned, muscular gents. Basically it's competition time, so please pass it on.  Real guys only need apply, no professional models. We want the best looking guys with a joie de vivre attitude (details to follow at a later date).


Oh and yes, we have an award-winning photographer lined up to take the photos and when we say award-winning, we really mean it.


Here are some more images of the new cuts.  A sport long leg top-layer or base-layer, this will incorporate a drawstring, and so could be worn for swimming or cage fighting. Whichever takes your fancy. Then we have four slip/brief designs from a broad brief with a fly to a super slim high cut brief. We will be incorporating cord ties into two of these so you can use them for swimming too. And our short leg trunk, just a classic cut but using our trademark British microfibre with superior moisture management qualities. 

Coffee with Kestin Hare the other day.

Mr inspiration, his venture Common people also source and manufacture their garments in Britain and they’re up for a nomination at the Scottish Fashion Awards.

Common People is designed for people with a common interest in premium clothing and footwear. Created by Kestin Hare, former head of design at Nigel Cabourn, Common People is now entering its fourth season. Common People represents a movement back to provenance and focuses on exceptional quality, craftsmanship and local sourcing to create a contemporary product with a purist identity.

After leaving Cabourn, where he gained invaluable experience in manufacturing premium clothing in the UK, Kestin returned to Edinburgh in October 2010 to establish his own brand Common People. Common People has progressed over two years and is now showcasing at Capsule Paris and NYC, Projects in Las Vegas and Jacket Required and wholesaling to the likes of Cruise and Urban Outfitters in the UK. The brand has also expanded to sell in Asian stockists including Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and Journal Standard in Japan.

And yes that is a pair of white cahoonas 75 trunks on the table.

Cahoonas' mission is to improve male comfort through superior design innovation and style 

What else have we been doing?

Organising events; meeting designers; pro boxers; kiltmakers - basically loads of stuff 

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