Single seam range



Yet again another world first from Cahoonas bringing comfort and style through innovation

Our IPO registered design single seam range has been developed in a long-leg trunk, a hipster and a micro slip driving male comfort to a whole new level.

Unlike other seamless or minimal seam garments, Cahoonas patent-pending crotch allows us to gather and ergonomically shape the fabric around the inherent contours of a gentleman's body to give a comfortable and well-designed, innovative garment fit. Our registered design also allows an unprecedented amount of compression to be applied to firm the buttocks and thighs without any overt compression on your tackle. In other words, a firm ass with enough room for a comfortable, easy and relaxed crotch. As you can see from the image above, the crotch is not compressed or impacted while the buttocks are firmed and pulled tight. This garment will show your #Swag and give you a real kick ass.

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