Bantam boxer Rachel Bower.

 Fitzroy lodge boxers london

Rachel Bower champion fighter of Fitzroy lodge and English title belt holder


We caught up with English belt holder and champion, Rachel inbetween teaching boxing across London and England or holding the corner during competition fights we asked her our selection of questions. As many young and older fighters would testify she is a star. Always having fun, a winner and an inspiration to plenty of young hopefuls in plenty of clubs. A pleasure to chat with and a discerning and deserving fighter.

1) What's your greatest achievement to date?
It's has to be winning the National Championships last year. I went on to box for England but the title meant so much. I'd been a national medalist three times before so getting the belt meant everything to me. 

2) What will be your next big challenge this year?
This year has been very different. Now I'm focusing on coaching my main challenge is to fit everything in. The day job, my own training, coaching and cornering bouts means I really have to plan and organise my time.

3) Who or what is your inspiration and why?
My inspiration is just to be the best I can be. The need to keep improving and evolving really motivates me. 

4)Who's your hero?
I don't have a hero but lots of people I admire and respect. Everyone has different circumstances, struggles and achievements and I look up to those who deal with them with strength and grace wether it be winning a world title, an athletes attitude after a defeat or a single mum managing to turn up to training every week.

5)Boxing is a route out of many dead ends for lots of young people, if you weren't boxing what might you be doing?
I was late to boxing, I wish I'd discovered it a young age, I'm sure I would have avoided my tear away years! Without boxing I wouldn't have got into coaching and personal training so I'd probably have a lot of free time but I wouldn't have all the great friends I've made.

6) Cahoonas have developed a new boxing range, what feedback would you give on our kit and gloves?
I love the range especially the knuckleduster logo gloves and head guards. One change I would make would be to change the colour of the laces - my white glove laces got dirty pretty quickly. Perhaps tartan laces as a nod to the Scottish heritage of the brand.

7)You're chopping wood do you use an axe or a chainsaw?
Axe - may as well get a workout in!

8) What's your trademark combo?
Jab to the head, back hand to the body and a lead hook.

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