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Georgia Goodall

Bespoke, Baselayers with your own design
Josh wears his IRN-BRU inspired tartan Baselayer for weigh-in
Want to make an impression before you throw the first punch?
Then you're looking in the right place. We make Sportwear to our own specification right here in Britain so if you want your own design then we can do it. we would need a vector repeat pattern and there is a minimum order of 7 pairs. Bespoke designs start at £300 for 7 pairs of microfibre baselayers.
Though you might not be a fighter and just want your family tartan under your kilt
You’ve got your kilt but what do you wear underneath?  That’s the age old question.  Cahoonas, an Edinburgh-based, premium, male sportswear company now has the answer.  Bespoke, microfibre kit in your own family tartan.
All you need to do is tell us what your family tartan is and give us your waist, hip and thigh measurements.  We then access your pattern from the Tartan Registry and supply this to our UK fabric manufacturer to create bespoke, microfibre fabric that you simply can’t buy in the shops.  We then get our skilled UK machinists to create a very special, one-off line of underwear all tailored around your body.  
Everything is made in super smooth, high quality microfibre - an advanced fabric that keeps you cool in summer and warm in the winter.
Minimum order 7 pairs.  Turn around time 4 weeks minimum.
Email:- please use the subject header 'Bespoke commission'
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