British weigh in kit

Georgia Goodall

Weigh-in gear for fighters.

Every fighter gets weighed before a major competition fight, to make sure they are bang on the money.
What ever weight division you fight in, make sure you're already on top in the psychological warfare at your weigh in.
Cahoonas produce luxury microfibre top tech spec base-layers for weigh-ins. As worn by many top professional boxers and MMA fighters. All our weigh-in Base layers are made right here in Britain by skilled folk working hard to make a great product just for you.
Our baselayers are also worn in the ring by many fighters as they provide support and sweat wicking microfibre fabric technology. So If your going to get in the ring and fight, you'll be needing a proper pair of Cahoonas

Josh Taylor Boxer, relaxes in his Cahoonas after winning another boxing title belt.

 As worn by Josh Taylor 

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