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Cahoonas innovation studio
We pay attention to every little detail. We source fabrics from little British fabric mills in Nottingham to make our British Patented Cahoonas 75Trunk, as well as plenty of our other garments. We believe if you put the good in, you'll get the good out.
More than just a simple fibre, Meryl® Actisystem™ has a number of performance-enhancing properties:
  • it lets you breath
  • its built-in UV protection helps guard against the harsh sun
  • it is an extremely lightweight and durable fabric designed for quick drying and exceptional comfort during any athletic activity
  • tests demonstrate that Meryl®Actisystem is resistant to abrasions and pilling
  • it is machine washable, dries three times faster than cotton and requires little or no ironing
  • vibrant colour and softness wash, after wash, after wash
Innovation is our passion, sportswear innovations by cahoonas

    Improving sports kit, one piece at a time. We bring our passion for innovation to your kit.Comfort and performance. Cahoonas 75 trunk DETAILS
    • It's a little known fact that 75% of men hang to the left; the rest hang to the right.  

    • The result is the Cahoonas 75 Trunk - a supremium, ergonomic garment specifically tailored for whichever way you dress.  

    • Made in Britain using ultra-soft, British microfibre, a high-performance fabric that acts like a lightweight second skin

    • with superior moisture-management properties, our trunk will keep you dry, snug and full of swagger.   

    • Our Cahoonas 75 trunk has been featured in: Curve NY, Deadline, Menswear insight, Sunday Mail,

    • the Sunday Herald, and the Edinburgh Evening News. 

    Made in Britain, British Manufacturing & British Fabrics. Cahoonas

    The Cahoonas 75 trunk is also a sports underwear garment designed to be used as a base layer for training.
    The benefit of microfibre is that it exerts an equal level of compression to the upper thighs and buttocks while improving blood flow and enhancing lymphatic drainage.
    • Made in Britain by properly-paid, skilled machinists

    • Enhanced fit and performance characteristics including four-way stretch and fully breathable fabric 

    • Inherent temperature-regulating qualities in both hot and cold conditions. For instance, in the cold, microfibre will help keep your muscles warm. Conversely, in the heat, microfibre will wick moisture away from your skin to cool you down 

    • Flock thread throughout for a softer on-the-skin feel

    • Includes our quintessential lovers and fighters logo 

    • What it doesn't include: guilt

    swift fists boxing gloves
     Garment Testing
    We've road tested our garments in all kinds of places and in all situations. We've jogged, sprinted, fought, cycled, climbed and back-flipped them through their paces and comfort-tested them on trains, planes and automobiles and in offices, gyms and boxing rings both here in the UK and more tropical climates. In fact, we have a Cahoonas-tester travelling through Cambodia right now because obviously trekking through jungles, scaling temples and busting moves on boat parties are the perfect testing parameters.
    If you don't believe us, here's our Cahoonas 75 Trunk being put through its paces:



     Key Features

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