Chantelle female team GB boxer

Georgia Goodall

Chantelle in action


Big things are coming from Chantelle like huge KOs from that mean uppercut hook.

So when she's not standing on the podium getting a bunch of medals for the country we thought we'd find out what she's thinking or what drives that ambition.

So we unfurled our legendary set of questions.

(Chantelle's answers are just underneath)

1) What's your greatest achievement to date?

2) What will be your next big challenge this year?

3) Who or what is your inspiration and why?

4)Who's your hero?

5)boxing is a route out of many dead ends for lots of young people, if you weren't boxing what might you be doing?

6) Cahoonas have developed a new boxing range, what feedback would you give on our kit and gloves?

7)you're chopping wood do you use an axe or a chainsaw?

8) what's your trademark combo?

9) haggis yes or no


1)My greatest achievement to date is winning Gold medals for The country

2)My next big challenge this year will be starting a University degree

3)My inspiration is my family. Because they push me to want to achieve the best out of my abilitys and make
Something from

4)My hero would be my mum as she is is the strongest women I no

5) If I wasn't boxing I have no idea what I would
Be doing. I would most probably be working in a job I didn't enjoy and wasting my weekends away

6) Cahoonas gloves are great quality great protection and feel Nice to punch in

7) If I was chopping I would
Use an axe as it would be more
Fun getting stuck in and causing damage

8) My trademark
Combo would be jab uppercut hook


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