Kane Baker Boxer delivers the pain

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Kane baker undefeated English boxing champion

So we caught up with undefeated English boxing champion belt holder Kane Baker and popped him a few questions. (inbetween the relentless sound of the bags being hammered and the gloves expelling the last ounce of air as he smashes the bag or your face to a pulp.)


top man, top bloke and top dog.

our questions and Kane's answers below.


 1) What's your greatest achievement to date?

2) What will be your next big challenge this year?

3) Who or what is your inspiration and why?

4)Who's your hero?

5)boxing is a route out of many dead ends for lots of young people, if you weren't boxing what might you be doing?

6) Cahoonas have developed a new boxing range, what feedback would you give on our kit and gloves?

7)you're chopping wood do you use an axe or a chainsaw?

8) what's your trademark combo?

9) haggis yes or no


1. My biggest achievement is winning two titles within 4 months!

2. My next big challenge will be on the 24th of September when I fight for another title against a real tough opponent.

3. My dad is my inspiration, he was ex pro so I want to follow his foot steps and do even better than he did ;)

4. Again, my dad, he's not just my hero he's also my best friend as well as my coach.

5. I'd probably be upto no good like most people I know from where I grew up, either getting drunk every weekend. Or doing drugs.

6. I've used the gloves from cahoonas and I've got to say there on the same level as the over priced top of the range stuff, so good job on those 👍🏻

7. Got to get some physical work in so I'd use an axe, or a good ol karate chop.

8. A strong windmill does the trick ;) nothing beats a double jab and then a strong and sharp right hand to follow!

9. Never tried haggis, looks disgusting but I'll give it a taste one day!


Fantastic chatting to you Kane and we wish you all the best with your boxing future, keep on delivering the pain.


best wishes Team Cahoonas.

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