Leander : London community's boxing girl

Cahoonas Edinburgh

 Leanne female boxer

We thought we'd get a female boxing perspective on our set of questions, so asked Leander down at  London community's boxing .

As usual our standard set of questions:

1) What's your greatest achievement to date?

2) What will be your next big challenge this year?

3) Who or what is your inspiration and why?

4)Who's your hero?y

5)boxing is a route out of many dead ends for lots of young people, if you weren't boxing what might you be doing?

6) Cahoonas have developed a new boxing range, what feedback would you give on our kit and gloves?

7)you're chopping wood do you use an axe or a chainsaw?

8) what's your trademark combo?

9) haggis yes or no?

 And the lovely and very capable Leander managed to spare us some time inbetween Sparring and battering the punch bags to answer them.

1) My greatest achievement is doing the box Cup I was the only one in my category that Boxed all three days even though I didn't get gold I was a finalist and got silver. .. I only started competing last year.


2 my next challenge,- we'll be coming down from 69kg next season Boxing at 64kg That's going to be hard because I've never had to make weight even though Boxed 69kg I was always under the weight.. the girls will be a lot faster at that weight..


3 who is my inspiration, - myself when I first came to a boxing gym they called me black Barbie lol it took a lot to get into the ring I still surprised myself...


4 who is my hero ,- all female boxers we are so brave


5 if I wasn't Boxing I would be fat lol and unhappy lol ha ha ha ha


6 I love my Boxing gloves amazing to use and they look good


7 if I was chopping wood definitely an axe I love to get a sweat on...


8 as I'm still learning still trying to find the right combination for myself. As I'm tall 5 foot 10 I use a lot straight shots jab Cross try to keep it all long

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