Luxury Boxing kit designed by Cahoonas

Georgia Goodall

Remember to switch off their lights, 

before you leave the ring. 

After a year of research and development we finally launched our FightFixer sparring gloves.  Designed with the help of professional boxers, you won't find any other gloves like this on the market.

Respect Fightfixer Boxing gloves poster Lace up Sparring gloves made with 100% breathable, cow hide leather, FightFixer comes in white for improved sparring visibility.  

Technical innovation: 
Improved visibility means Improved reaction time which in turn improves ability to respond to a punch:

Result you win more Fights.

How so? Well, scientific tests show that your peripheral vision isn't suited to viewing colour (the colour receptor cones in your eyes can't detect colours efficiently).  However, with our white and black design, detection is faster (and easier on your eye) for improved sparring.

Professional boxing gloves We've also avoided stitching labels on the outside of our gloves. Why? Labels stitched on the outside of gloves create a raised surface edge that can cut your sparring partner from a glancing blow. So what else can you expect? FightFixer sparring gloves have a 3 layer energy dissipation system:

Layer 1 Respect
A dense outer impact foam layer delivers the respect you deserve.
They’ll know they’ve been hit and they’ll feel how hard they’ve been hit.

Layer 2 Power
Advanced energy dissipation foam layer maintains punch force, while avoiding
concentrating impact damage.

Layer 3 Protect
Multidensity fist protection foam layer, increases energy dissipation and protects fist.

Not only that but these new gloves look the bomb and are part of our new FightFixer combat range - a superior range of boxing and MMA fight equipment and kit.

Boxing Face protection

 MMA Glove Design Process

MMa glove product design illustrations

We are constantly innovating and looking to evolve and improve sporting equipment. We put our passion into your sport. We talk to the sportsmen and women who compete and train everyday. We design our kit with the feedback of top British and World champions, athletes at the pinnacle of their game. We listen and we ask lots of questions, then we design out the flaws of traditional sportswear and kit .

We make the difference.

Development sheets for MMA gloves

MMa gloves

Train hard, fight easy: we've all heard that one before but training can only take you so far. Technique and performance kit are just as important in the world of all sports. The right sort of protection during training sessions means you'll still be fighting fit when it comes to the big fight and that's what we believe here at Cahoonas. Which is why, with the help of professional fighters, we're continually developing the FightFixer advanced and pro-fighter range. So, if you love a good fight as much as we do, the chances are you’re probably training or are familiar with one or more of the following fighting styles:

Boxing: amateur or professional

Mixed Martial Arts (Freestyle Fighting)



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 



Krav Maga

Kung Fu



Muay Thai



Sanda Indochinese Kickboxing

Muay Thai

Muay Lao






We aim to provide technical fight kit to help you reach your peak potential and to protect you from the impact and rigours of fight training. Our range has been developed slowly and surely with the help of real fight professionals in order to meet the exacting standards and specifications needed to excel in the world of combat sports.

Punchers gloves



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