Another Win for Cahoonas fighter Andy Noble

Our fighter Andy Noble has done it again. Winning the Forza Championship fight title at Teamparente Gym event. He came he conquered he left the other guy in a mess. Train hard, fight hard and you'd better get some Cahoonas if you want to get in the ring with Andy. Here are a few choice shots of him delivering the pain.

Cahoonas Fight Club

Cahoonas. British sportswear & underwear fight night

So we decided we'd get behind a few local fighters and make a night of it in the City Night Club, Edinburgh and what a fantastic selection of pugilistic talent. A bit of blood, lots of guts and the only KO of the night from our hero of the moment - Andy Noble, a professional football player, personal trainer and now champion boxer for team Cahoonas. The night started off with a few good fights and a few show rounds with mighty Willie Quin vs Bobby Collins of KO promotions.  We also saw our honorary Cahoonas girl, Chantelle, batter her opponent and the evening culminated in a bout of utter destruction from Andy Noble. A few drinks were consumed and lots of shouting.

Cahoonas. British sportswear & underwear ready to rumblebeauty and the beast ( he's not really he's a gentleman pugilist)it takes Blood, guts and Cahoonas. British sportswear & underwear

Single seam range



Yet again another world first from Cahoonas bringing comfort and style through innovation

Our IPO registered design single seam range has been developed in a long-leg trunk, a hipster and a micro slip driving male comfort to a whole new level.

Unlike other seamless or minimal seam garments, Cahoonas patent-pending crotch allows us to gather and ergonomically shape the fabric around the inherent contours of a gentleman's body to give a comfortable and well-designed, innovative garment fit. Our registered design also allows an unprecedented amount of compression to be applied to firm the buttocks and thighs without any overt compression on your tackle. In other words, a firm ass with enough room for a comfortable, easy and relaxed crotch. As you can see from the image above, the crotch is not compressed or impacted while the buttocks are firmed and pulled tight. This garment will show your #Swag and give you a real kick ass.

Have you got the Cahoonas for a fullback?



Cahoonas are collaborating with Love Hate Tattoo one of the UK’s leading tattoo studios located in the heart 

of Edinburgh’s Newington area by giving away a pair of Cahoonas with every fullback (while stocks last in-store).  


Cahoonas love tattoos and we love the tattooed.  

We also love beards, moustaches, motorbikes, chillies, beer, tequila, cigars, Columbia and Ibiza.   


Deadline. Scots entrepreneur launches supportive men's underwear

 Deadline article

MEN can now buy left- or right-fitting pants thanks to a Scots entrepreneur working with one of the country’s top universities.

Simon Phillips, from Edinburgh, has already received £5,000 worth of pre-orders for his Cahoonas supportive underwear.

Phillips spent a-year-and-a-half working alongside experts from the textile department of Heriot-Watt University to design the £27 pants, which he claims are a world first.

He said: “I felt that men were being bypassed by all the design changes that had benefited women’s underwear in terms of fabrics, curve stitching and so on.

“Then when I found out that 75 percent of men dress to the left and 25 percent to the right and I realised no underwear designers were taking that into consideration I know something had to be done.”

Mr Phillips runs his Cahoonas company with his wife Georgia Goodall.