Cahoonas — British provenance

Wow! How many new designs?

What have we been up to?   Well, we've been so busy getting our new pattern additions designed and cut for the Cahoonas range that we've pretty much ignored everything else. Hot off the machines we have six new cuts which we're testing for final tweaks. We're currently selecting fabrics and, colour-wise, black and white will be a standard for all our new designs (with maybe a few colours to spice it up - possibly even a tartan).  We'll be doing a survey soon to get your reaction. Who's the Cahoonas of Cahoonas? Once all our garment are ready then,...

We're still making thoughtful British underwear of the discerning and deserving gentleman

   Cahoonas are a British underwear brand. Our underwear is designed in Scotland Our fabric is woven in Nottingham, England Our labels are woven in Lancashire Our garments are manufactured in Britain Our cardboard inserts are made in Stoke-on-Trent Our bags are sourced from plants and are 100% compostable.

Hoorah! Our Cahoonas Kickstarter Project is 100% Funded

Hoorah! Cahoonas British male underwear is 100% funded and #madeinbritain from Cahoonas Britain on Vimeo. We know how fashion-savvy people love getting their hands on the very latest 'must haves' before everyone else so we decided to launch our ergonomic trunk exclusively on Kickstarter, a cloudfunding platform based in the States.  In just 30 days, 94 people from as far afield as the US, Canada, Australia and Switzerland pre-ordered our British made underwear helping us to exceed our Kickstarter target.  We are now in the process of fulfilling those orders with our British manufacturers. The beauty of sites like Kickstarter...