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Another New Product Launch- Tattoo aftercare creme

Another New Product Launch- Tattoo aftercare creme
Tattooed torso gent with knuckleduster ringsA rejuvenating & regenerating, antibacterial soothing lotion. Aftercare for tattooed skin.
Harnessing the mythical healing powers of frankincense & vitamin E
After a few hours a new tattoo will stop weeping. Air will facilitate the healing process. At this point you can gently wash your new tattoo with a plain, unscented anti-bacterial wash, using lukewarm water. Beware a fresh tattoo will be sensitive to the touch, don’t scrub. Pat dry. Do not pick any scabs. It is important to keep your fresh tattoo clean.
Using tattoo will prevent your tattoo drying out & onwards maintain the colour and lustre of your body artwork. Made using natural ingredients.

Have you got the Cahoonas for a fullback?

    Cahoonas are collaborating with Love Hate Tattoo one of the UK’s leading tattoo studios located in the heart  of Edinburgh’s Newington area by giving away a pair of Cahoonas with every fullback (while stocks last in-store).     Cahoonas love tattoos and we love the tattooed.   We also love beards, moustaches, motorbikes, chillies, beer, tequila, cigars, Columbia and Ibiza.