Black & gold / Platinum white & Gold 230gsm Microfibre Baselayer


Designed in Edinburgh by Cahoonas

Cahoonas baselayers Black knuckleduster weigh-in baselayer by cahoonas

Microfibre Base Layer using British spun MERYL® ACTISYSTEM™ PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING fabric:

  • Lets your body breath
  • Has built-in UV protection to guard against the harsh sun
  • An extremely lightweight and durable fabric designed for quick drying and exceptional comfort during any athletic activity
  • Tests demonstrate that Meryl®Actisystem is resistant to abrasions and pilling
  • Machine washable, dries three times faster than cotton and requires little or no ironing
  • Vibrant colour and softness wash after wash after wash
  • Our 10cm long leg base layer is perfect for sport keeping your muscles ready for bursts of activity while wicking sweat away from your body 
  • Made in Britain by properly-paid, skilled British machinists
  • Built to last using 230gsm (thick) British microfibre, a premium, technical fabric 
  • Incorporating flock thread for a softer on-the-skin feel
  • Includes our quintessential lovers and fighters logo 
  • What it doesn't include: guilt

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