Royal Stewart Weigh-in trunks. Tartan microfibre base layer


Josh Taylor wears Cahoonas weigh-in trunks. Warp knitted tartan microfibre performance shorts.

Royal Stewart (Red)

Josh Taylor at the FramptonQuigg weigh-in wears Royal Stewart Cahoonas.


 Royal stewart tartan pantsJosh Taylor wears Cahoonas Red Tartan

 Microfibre lets your skin breath

  • its built-in UV protection helps guard against the harsh sun
  • it is an extremely lightweight and durable fabric designed for quick drying and exceptional comfort during any athletic activity
  • tests demonstrate that it is resistant to abrasions and pilling
  • it is machine washable, dries three times faster than cotton and requires little or no ironing
  • vibrant colour and softness wash, after wash, after wash
  • Our 10cm long leg base layer is perfect for sport keeping your muscles ready for bursts of activity while wicking sweat away from your body 


Weigh-in gear for fighters by Cahoonas

  • Made in Britain by properly-paid, skilled British machinists
  • We use flock thread for a softer on-the-skin feel
  • Includes our quintessential lovers and fighters logo 
  • What it doesn't include: guilt

As worn by Josh Taylor, Gold Medal winning Scottish boxer.

As worn by Aston Brown, Gold Medal winning Scottish boxer.

As worn by Danny Henry, World Champion MMA fighter. 

As worn by Jason Easton, Medal winning Scottish boxer.

As worn by Kane Baker,  Pro QueensburyBL boxer.

Calum Best: Actor Model & Sportsman | Andy Noble: Scottish Footballer & Amuter Boxer 

The perfect gift for any fighter