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16oz SwiftFists™ Lace-up Sparring Glove


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SwiftFists™ Lace-up 16oz Sparring Glove
SwiftFists™ Lace-up 16oz Sparring Gloves
Lace-up 16oz Sparring Gloves
 Lace-up Sparring Boxing Glove

Punchers Gloves, Boxing & Sparring
SwiftFists™ Lace-up 16oz Sparring Glove Details

Prepare to deliver the pain just pull on these 16oz SwiftFists™ lace up FightFixer™ sparring gloves.
Ergonomically designed high density foam offers you plenty of fist and wrist protection for when you deliver the pain.
Designed in Edinburgh, Great Britain and hand crafted in Asia they provide an ergonomic fit with whole fist and wrist support with all round protection.
Our advanced Tex2hyde™ synthetic leather provides Long life durability combined with our distinctive pain delivery systems style. These gloves are ideal for both training and fighting made from 100% Tex2hyde™ synthetic leather.

Technical features : 

- 16 oz glove fight weight
- High density layered foam for improved protection and impact dispersion
- Ergonomic FightFixer™ SwiftFists™ pain delivery comfort
- lace-up wrist support 
- Ergonomic FightFixer™ system for fist alignment
- Designed in Edinburgh Scotland & hand crafted in Asia.
- Longlife and durable Tex2hyde™ Synthetic outer 
- Compact stitch count and durable thread
- Pain delivery systems branding


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