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16oz Leather Punchers Gloves. Sparring Boxing gloves


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Leather quick release punchers glover for boxing and sparring
knuckleduster design Yellow leather Punchers boxing gloves
Yellow knuckleduster design
Yellow knuckleduster design leather  boxing gloves
Yellow knuckleduster design leather Punchers boxing gloves
16oz Leather Punchers Gloves. Sparring Boxing gloves
London Boxer trains in Cahoonas punchers gloves

Leather 16oz Punchers Gloves.

Punchers gloves boxing gloves

Deliver the pain in style.

Our multi-density energy impact dispersion technology - with surround wrist and hand support - lets you deliver the pain while enjoying the pleasure. 

Designed in Edinburgh, Scotland, leather quick release boxing gloves. Ideal for sparring.

Each pair of our 16oz punchers gloves comes with a ton of innovative features and benefits:

Incorporates Fightfixer™ multidenstiy energy impact dispersion technology

Surround wrist and hand support cushioning

A full and impressive quick release wrist fastening positioned for a superior ergonomic Fightfixer™ fit

Tapped thumb to avoid eye injury or dislocated thumb 

Fine stitching and no external, stitched labels to reduce glance facial cuts

Nylon-lined interior to avoid excessive moisture build up and to reduce microbial odour.

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