Give something back

We  love natural beauty and it makes us sad when man made junk spoils it.
So we try to do our bit by cleaning up the beautiful places we visit while picking Scotlands natural botanicals.

Like sea buckthorn, gorse flowers, sloe berries and elder berries which are all part of a lovely, seasonal, natural pantry and we'd rather it was kept spick and span for everyone and everything.

Dunbar beautiful Scotland sea grass and the view to Bass Rock

The Edinberry team beach cleaning at Dunbar. Removing plastic, asbestos and hypodermic needles

Sloe berries in the Scottish highlandsSea Buckthorn at Dunbar ScotlandBeautiful views over the highlands while picking botanicalsPicking gorse flowers EdinburghRowan berries White Bridge Scottish HighlandsJuicy little heathers with flowers Whitebridge Scottish HighlandsPicking gorse flowers EdinburghEdinberry HQRowan tree & berries Scottish highlands