Pimp up your gin

A lovely glass of Edinberry botanical pimped ginA selection of Gin BotanicalsEdinberry gin pimping kit


Edinberry gin infusion kits contain a hand selected range of botanicals,
blended to transform any standard gin into your own premium, 
aromatically classic gin.

An illustration of a few juicy juniper berrys

Our blends combine the deep aroma of juniper, the zesty high-notes of
coriander and hibiscus, exotic cardamon and the gentle spice from
pink peppercorns, balanced with the sweet notes of rose petals.

An illustration of a few juicy juniper berrys

We've worked hard tasting, sipping, clinking and testing again and again
to enable you to easily create your own artisanal gin,
but without the extortionate price tag of an expensive bottle.
Pimp up your gin.

An illustration of a few juicy juniper berrys

An infographic illustrating how to use Edinberry's Original Botanical gin pimping kit

 Halo of Gin botanicals scattered into a circle around the Edinberry logo

Gin is traditionally made using a process called distillation.
This raises the temperature of the alcohol until it evaporates off into its purest form.
As part of the distillation process, most quality gins suspend a tray of botanicals above so the vapour passes through, helping to impart their wonderful notes and flavours to the pure spirit. 
If you didn't do this it would just be Vodka.

(you probably remember doing this in Chemistry at school or maybe it was just me and my school)


An illustration of a few juicy juniper berrys

The gin is then cooled by passing the evaporated alcohol through a chilled tube.
This could be a copper still with a spiral of copper tube passing through iced water.
Out of the other end the pure alcohol will now condense.

The next stage is to cask the spirit for a deeper flavour or to dilute it to drinkable proportions (right now the spirit is close to pure alcohol at about 90% and would evaporate).
Once it's brought to around 45%, away you go. 
Just add some tonic or try a gin martini.


An illustration of a few juicy juniper berrys

We cheat a little and get you to just add the botanicals straight to your standard gin.
Wait for them to infuse and now enjoy your botanical delight.
Less fuss and you don’t need to invest in your own distillery!

limes and botanicals for gin making