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14oz Fightfixer Leather Laceup Advanced PRO-sparring Gloves

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Designed in Edinburgh by CAHOONAS

Sparring Glove Details:
FightFixer™ White Leather Lace-up 

Prepare to deliver the pain just pull on these FightFixer™ lace up sparring gloves
Ergonomically designed triple density foam offers you plenty of fist and wrist protection for when you deliver the pain.

Designed in Edinburgh, Great Britain and hand crafted in Asia they provide an ergonomic fit with whole fist and wrist support with all round protection.
Our advanced triple density foam core delivers the respect you deserver from your opponent while reducing the possibility of unnecessary pre-competition injury. Our premium luxury leather provides Long life durability combined with our distinctive pain delivery systems knuckleduster style.
These lace-up gloves are ideal for both sparring and fight training made from 100% leather.

Technical features : 

• 14 oz glove fight weight

• Incorporates Fightfixer™ multidenstiy energy impact dispersion technology a tripple density layered foam for improved protection and impact dispersion

• Ergonomic FightFixer™ pain delivery comfort

• lace-up wrist support 

• Ergonomic FightFixer™ system for fist alignment
. Surround wrist and hand support cushioning

• Designed in Edinburgh Scotland & hand crafted in Asia

• Longlife and durable luxury leather lace-ups 

• Compact stitch count and durable thread
 fine stitching and no external, stitched labels to reduce glance facial cuts knuckleduster branding

• A full and impressive 16 lace holes at the wrist with more holes positioned closer together for a superior ergonomic Fightfixer™ fit

• Tapped thumb to avoid eye injury or dislocated thumb  

• Nylon-lined interior to avoid excessive moisture build up and to reduce microbial odour
Cahoonas pain and pleasure knuckleduster design


Josh Taylor boxer wears Cahoonas fightfixer sparring gloves, pure pleasure
fightfixer boxing gloves by Cahoonas
FightFixer Cahoonas gloves in action
Josh Taylor Boxer trains in his Cahoonas gloves

Joshtaylorboxer reviews Cahoonas new FightFixer boxing gloves. from Cahoonas Britain on Vimeo.


Our multi-density energy impact dispersion technology - with surround wrist and hand support - lets you deliver the pain while enjoying the pleasure. 

"These are the finest boxing gloves you will get your hands in."

ladies 140z fightfixer-pro boxing glove