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Head protector for sparring
FightFixer head protector for sparring
View of closure system for our head protector

Head protector

Designed to deliver protection for your head, face and cheeks while maintaining a wide range of peripheral vision. Including our impact dispersion high density inner core foam padding, which adds comfort and durability to our headguard. Made with a durable Tex2hyde™ Synthetic leather outer. Our FightFixer headguard also features a quick release closure and adjustable crown lacing to ensure a perfect and secure sparring fit.

Technical features : 

• 14 oz head protector sparring weight
• High density core foam for improved protection and impact dispersion
• Ergonomic FightFixer™ impact dispersion comfort
• Adjustable crown lace system for the perfect fit

• Adjustable velcro back panel for quick release

• Designed in Edinburgh Scotland & hand crafted in Asia.
• Longlife and durable Tex2hyde™ Synthetic outer

• Compact stitch count and durable thread

• Knuckle duster branding


Head guard for sparring

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