Moustag Short Sleeve-T Shirt


Introducing the Moustag T-shirt.

The perfect T shirt to be seen in before removing it politely and stepping into the ring for a bout of pugilistic sport. Wear your moustache with pride. Strut like a stag and stand out infront of the does.

Moustag T-Shirt Design


Looks exactaly the same as the design on the tin.

(May also be worn by those not sporting whiskers of distinction) even some ladies.

Though some of those have quite wonderful whiskers.

Free UK postage 



As worn by Calum Best in the photo and  Miguelito of the Cuban Brothers sporting the Cahoonas Moustag T shirt and A Pair of Cahoonas Tartan BigMan Scants.

*We use a selection of premium T-shirts including; Fruit of the loom, Screen stars, Anvil and GILDAN Ultra cotton. Which are then hand decorated with the Moustag Graphic in Edinburgh.

Designed in Edinburgh and printed in Edinburgh.