Blokeblock: Clay & Teatree soap


Cahoonas Blokeblock with teatree oil and clay produces a rich intense antibacterial lather making for a luxurious face & body wash. Gentle on fight cuts and bruising, hard core on those germs that could cause infection.

Natural & organic soap

After a bloody and sweaty session in the boxing ring or fight cage this soap is perfect for cleansing your body, face, hair and also ideal for close-cut throat shaves due to its rich, soapy lather.

Innovation for the discerning and deserving modern gentleman. 


Olive oil for stable lather and conditioning

Coconut oil for hardness and soft lather

100% eco-sustainable palm oil for conditioning and moisturising

Bentonite Clay - absorbs oil and takes impurities from the skin

Tea Tree - antiseptic, anti-bacterial - smells great